Tylek & Tyleček at Galerijní street, Jistebník

Tylek & Tyleček at Galerijní street, Jistebník

Zeňka Tylečková (Tyleček) and Jiří Tyleček (Tylek) completed studies at School of Applied Arts in 1967. Two years after graduation ball, former school-mates got married. They emigrated to France already with two children in 1983.

They live and create partly in Paris - where they have their own gallery -, party in their farmhouse not far from Paris, partly in Corsica. In Japan, you can find their exposition in Mihama Museum, where they as the only living authors have a permanent exhibition. Tylek´s and Tyleček´s output is represented in all over the world. She paints landscapes and still-life arrangements, he creates women in their varied appearences.

Tylek and Tyleček are highly respected and were awareded for example a diploma "Arts, Science et Letters".

This famous duo cooperates with a geat pleasure with Gallery La Femme.

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