Milan Chabera

Milan Chabera

 *27. 3. 1954



1969–73: Art School of Václav Hollar 

1973–79: The Academy of Fine Arts under the guidance of prof. Jan Smetana

 Milan Chabera is devoted to painting, unconventional drawing and sculpture. His strong point is especially big format of figural painting. Single motives and components shade into each other, where the unifying element is a question of meaning of life and effort to understand human characters and social relations. He uncovers the other side of the mirror, depicts human instincts and feelings. His work always shows something new and exciting to the beholder. His art language is hardly definable, defy description – it is not possible to categorize it on such a limited space.

Chabera exhibits since 1980. He has had more than 130 solo and collective exhibitions both here and abroad. His art is on public display in many galleries and private collections in Europe, America, even somewhere else.

Regularly, he takes part in international art shows such as ART Madrid, ART Frankfurt, ART Strasbourg, ART Prague. Since 2000, he cooperates with eminent architects on projects for private Czech, Dutch and American investors.

Milan Chabera has taken part in some creative trips abroad (Brazil, Canada, Spain) that organizes Gallery La Femme. 

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