A trip around the world with artists from Galerie La Femme

Galerie La Femme has prepared a summer exhibition from its gallery tours and art symposias around the world. Thanks to this, you can safely visit distant lands and experience the atmosphere of exotics, sea, sun and monuments of distant places. The paintings will take you to Brazil, Ecuador, the Galapagos, Canada, France, Sicily, Germany, Switzerland and other countries. (23.7. - 6.9.) 

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Quarantine pictures

 Project for all who started painting or drawing at home.

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The first "Homework" was commissioned in 2003, when the gallerist assigned the first topic – A Homage to One Photograph (photo from 1977 by Jan Lipina). Since then, artists regularly works on the subject once or twice a year.  Below you can read more about the various topics.

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New works of art in collection