Tomáš Bím

Tomáš Bím

 * 1946

Trained as a typographer, he later continued to study privately. In the beginning, Tomáš Bím was mostly concentrated on applied graphic art, drawing, illustration and dry point. He made also posters for singers and bands, record labels, catalogs, folders, brochures, etc.
His motifs often make up scenery from the city's periphery, where he liked to go as a little boy from the center of Prague and let himself be fascinated by its negligence, offering mysterious nests, pitches, etc.
During the independent art activities, Tomáš Bím organized 85 solo and participated in dozens of collective exhibitions at home and abroad, he has made illustrations for a number of books and magazines, he cooperates with television and film, and is also the author of good-valued exlibris and posters, his painting and graphic design is represented in a number of art collections around the world.

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