Mirka Mádrová and Milan Hencl - On a Merry Wave | 2.3. – 21.3.2020

On a merry wave
An exhibition of the Prague painter Mirka Madrova, whose paintings are full of humor and exaggeration, and the Nachod artist Milan Hencl, who portrays cheerful characters and poetics in the style of light naivism.
Mirka Mádrová
The effect of the painting by this Prague artist comes from their pure artistic value as well as from extraordinary motifs. As with all her paintings an attempt is made to please the viewer with original point, philosophic allusion or to amphasize the beauty of the Czech language. While some of her works deal with these matters using hyperbolic humour and wit and some emplioy harsh irony, others feature a femele delicacy or are literally philosophical. All works achieve a high artistic level. Mirka Mádrová is a member of Academy of Fine arts in Prague and is a successful painter with numerous exhibitions to her name home in Europe.
Milan Hencl
Milan Hencl was born in Náchod, where he lives up to now. He has been keen on art since his childhood. Despite the fact he never studied any art school, he devotes to painting the whole life. He has had many collective and solo exhibitions.

Mádrová-Hencl 2020