David Vávra & ML: zMRKVÝCHvstání at Beroun Golf Resort | 4.9. – 31.10.2021

From 4th September 2021 - Beroun Golf Resort 

Exhibition of collages by David Vávra and Miroslav Lipina (ML)

ZMRKVÝCHstání or recycling of calendars and other printed matter Galerie La Femme
David Vávra (* 1957, Prague) - architect, actor and writer. Co-founder of the Sklep Theater.
Miroslav Lipina (* 1954, Ostrava) - collector and lover of art, gallerist, founder of Galerie La Femme.
Both gentlemen will present their collages at the exhibition in La Femme, which were created mainly from calendars, brochures, invitations and other GLF publications. Thus, in one painting, Jiří Kolář, Michael Rittstein, Alois Mikulka meet Ladislav Novák or Boris Jirků, Miroslav Jiránek and Tomáš Bím meet Antonín Sládek.
It is a funny exhibition that opens the hidden worlds of both authors. Same materials, same starting position, different results.

For several decades, David Vávra has been accumulating various touched materials and later recycling them. The Covenant Age was a great opportunity to revive these dormant challenges. The same goes for Miroslav Lipina - the gallery was closed, but he returned to his favorite artists and to his gallery every day through scissors, glue and a pile of printed matter, which he breathed new life into.