Praha - Villars - Konstanz | 10.9. – 5.10.2013

Galerie La Femme: 13. 9. - 6. 10. 2013

Liliova 8 Atrium Gallery: 13. 9. - 10. 11. 2013

This spring, a group of artists led by Galerie La Femme was in the symposium in Konstanz (Germany) and Villars (Switzerland).

This symposium continues in the tradition of similar international art projects that Galerie La Femme in the last decade organized. Former symposiums were in Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, France, Spain and also in the Czech Republic. From the endless inspiration of these routes were created hundreds of great works and many of them have found their place in private interiors around the world. Participated artists: Boris Jirků, Miroslav Jiránek, Marián Komáček, Jan Tichý, Milan Chabera, Karel Prášek, Miroslav Pošvic, Bohumil Eliáš ml., Miroslav Malina, Zdeněk Tománek, Tomáš Hřivnáč, Mona Lipi, Rudolf Brančovský, Petra Šnokhausová.