Homage to Maria Callas | 2.10. – 24.10.2021

Galerie La Femme was approached by Dagmar Pecková to create their works for the Zlatá Pecka Music Festival on the theme of Maria Callas. The exhibition took place during the Zlatá Pecka music festival in Chrudim and in October you can see it in the Best of Maria Callas version directly in La Femme. The exhibition will feature paintings by Boris Jirků, Tomáš Hřivnáč, Jiří Mocek, Pavel Holeka, Mirka Mádrová, Radovan Pauch, Michal Halva, Jitka Kopejtková, Roman Brichcín, Zdeněk Janda, Pavel Piekar, Miroslav Pošvic and others.

The exhibition is inspired by the fate of this famous opera wonder, who managed to conquer millions of fans around the world with her voice and who was the embodiment of drama not only of opera but also of real life. 

Vernisage Maria Callas