Exhibition in Golf Beroun Resort - Jiří Slíva | 15.5. – 20.6.2021

Jiří Slíva's cheerful exhibition can just be seen in the Beroun Golf Resort (Na Veselou 909). If you drive a little above Beroun, you can see lithographs, etchings and also a drawing by this author in the local golf club.


Jiří Slíva focuses on cartoon humor, lithography and book illustration. He graduated from the University of Economics in 1971 and for the next eight years he was employed as a specialist at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in the forecast department. He has been a freelancer since 1979 - he specializes in illustration, drawing, graphics and painting. He has illustrated more than 100 books, his drawings appear in magazines at home and abroad (Hospodářské Noviny, Týden, Playboy, Die Zeit, Die Welt, Stern, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Time). He has been awarded many times at international festivals of cartoon humor.

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