Dita Perrier - Paintings | 18.6. – 10.7.2013

Dita Perrier Pešáková (12. 1. 1975)

She graduated at the School of Applied Arts in Uherske Hradište in the studio of applied and decorative painting in architecture (Miroslav Malina) and continued at the Faculty of Fine Arts - University of Technology in Brno, figural painting atelier of painter Radoslav Kutra and prof. Jiří Načeradský. She has produced several paintings on large wall: Creation of the World in Uherské Hradiště, Fables for Children's Clinic of the Faculty Hospital in Olomouc. After her studies she continued in murals on children's wards Léon Bérard in Lyon and Vienne in hospital in France. She currently lives and works in Lyon, France. The inspiration for her work seeks to develop interpersonal relations and partnerships between a man and a woman.

Her paintings with pure color monumental composition can then anyone interpret according to the own inner emotional experience or momentary emotional state of mind.The paintings are painted in encaustic technique, 20,000 years old. This method was used in ancient Egypt on the wooden boards or on canvas portraits, so-called Fajum portraits. These works were preserved for a long time. Encaustic colors are mixed with beeswax so the painting has been preserved till now. Dita Perrier´s images are represented in private collections in America, Italy. Germany and France. She has exhibited in France and in many places in the Czech Republic. She is a member of the Association of Artists in Paris and Lyon. She also cooperates with Galerie La Femme in Prague.

Opening D. Perrier