Canadian Week in the Galerie La Femme | 3.5. – 7.5.2007

At the beginning of |May, 2006 there will be an exhibition of three Canadian
Artist Kathryn Jacobi,Judy Anderson and Chloe Surprenant called TROIS
CANADIANS. The Verissage and exhibition will take place at Galerie LaFemme
with the help of well known art connoisseur from Sutton,Canada FRED KORN.
The above artist exhibit in Montreal,Toronto,Vancouver,San Francisco and Los
Angeles.The Prague exhibition is connected to the  project by Messrs.Lipina
and Korn, called "Czech Art in Canada - Canadian Art in Czech Repubic".
Two years ago the following artist were involved: From Canada Pnina
Granirer,Teena Tarantour,Mira Reiss-Arnould and Lucille Marcotte and the
Czech Artist exhibiting in Canada Were Boris Jirku,Milan Chabera and Antonin
Galerie LaFemme has done previously similar project of Czech Art in Brazil's
Lidice.This year there will be a symposium in France named Provance through
the eyes of Czech artist.In 2007 The Czech Artist will trale to Canada and
exhibit in Ottawa and Toronto.