Bohumír Gemrot a Juraj Čutek | 5.4. – 30.4.2023

Abstract paintings of Bohumír Gemrot (1959, Prague) and the sculptures of Juraj Čutek (1957, Žilina) will be on display in the La Femme Gallery at their exhibition. The two artists know each other from their student years at the VŠUP in Prague, so this is not their first artistic meeting. Now they will present works from the last time.

Bohumír Gemrot mainly devotes himself to abstract painting and recently also ceramics. Since 1991, he has been the director of "Hollarka", which produces painters who belong to the top of modern fine art. The cornerstone of his work is the figure, but because of his abstract form it is not visible at first view.
Juraj Čutek is one of the most unique and important contemporary artists in Slovakia. In 2017, he became a laureate of the Crystal Wing in the fine arts category. He is mainly devoted to chamber and monumental sculpture, but also to painting and drawing. The central theme of his work is music, movement, speed and technical inventions. He has had exhibitions all over the world.