B + B = something over 100… | 8.6. – 28.6.2020

Exhibition of jubilees of 2020 Boris Jirků and Bohumil Eliáš Jr. will present their latest work.

Boris Jirků

He Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (AVU) in Prague. Most of his work is of a figurative nature, with dynamic perspective and distinctive colouring playing a significant role in his paintings and illustrations. His work is a parable of the modern contemporary life through an original authorial expression. Picturesqueness, expressivity and oftentimes even absurdity of his pictorial stories leads to the classification and identification of Boris Jirků’s work with the Czech Grotesque School. For many years, he was teaching figurative painting at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, where he also acted as a rector. Currently, he is tutoring figurative painting at the University of Plzen and the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, specializing on doctoral studies.

Bohumil Eliáš, jr.



After graduating from the Secondary School of Glassmaking in Kamenický Šenov he decided to study in the atelier of figurative sculpture of Jan Hendrych at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts, which he finished in 2007. He is now developing his work in painting in plastic molds glass. He also works with bronze and other sculptural materials. The work of Bohumil Eliáš jr. made of laminated glass are mostly focused on architectural constructions of linear structures and solid shapes. In closed shapes, it creates vibrant subtle compositions. Experience in the field of free figurative creation in plaster and bronze and sculptural perception of forms are applied in sculptures made of melted glass. Their appearance has its roots in the sculpturally rediscovered facts. The artist's paintings are close to the individual style purism or the austere rigor of the expression of glass. The image area is often divided by geometrical formations based on torsional fragments of various realities. He presents his works all over the world.


Opening of the exhibition - B. Jirků and B. Eliáš jr.

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