Petr Šmaha

Petr Šmaha


Petr Šmaha is devoted to painting, drawing and graphic art. He studied at the School of Handicraft in Brno and at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts (AVU) in Prage. He is one of the most outstanding representatives of Czech figural expression from the late sixties to the present.

Artists in whose work is apparent expressiveness, often tend to comment cultural, social and political life. This connection was reflected even in Šmaha´s case: for example, his appellative exhibition called PROCESS (Špaček´s Gallery in Lysolaje, 2008) provoked general society. The title refers to Kafka's criticism of senseless bureaucracy. Šmaha here presented his paintings and drawings from the cycle CZECH JUDICIARY – Mánes case. It is his personal artistic opinion on the lost litigation of the Prague Mánes building.

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