Alena Beldová

Alena Beldová



1970–1974: High technical school of Textile in Prague

1979–1985: University of applied art in Prague (prof.  B. Felcman)

After graduation at university, Alena Beldová devoted most of her attention to textile design. She cooperated with several Czech factories and also with a large printing factory in Austria. She was painting concurrently. Her first trip to Brittany in 1999 has influenced her deeply; wild beauty inspired her to paint landscapes. She sketches the scenery and draws with aquarelles and pastels outside, and the larger pictures are created inside – in her studio. Beldová has been teaching in an art school in Prague for ten years. For several years, she was a member of the Žararaka art group. Her work is represented in private collections both in the Czech republic and abroad. An extensive collection of Beldová´s work is situated in the Art Museum of the Nord. Nowadays, she presents her art primarily in solo exhibitions.


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